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When WORRY Works For You #BigUneasy

But that is what is also lovely about New Orleans, you never know what will happen there.

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Every time I dive back into the world of my Big Uneasy series, I am surprised by where the story takes me. And WORRY BEADS was no exception. I didn’t see any of it coming either! Lol 

But that is what is also lovely about New Orleans, you never know what will happen there. I guess that is why I keep going back (and yes, I have another installment planned for this year!)

In the meantime, here is a snippet from WORRY BEADS: 

He glanced at his watch. Bang on time. He half-turned in his seat and got his first, real-time look at Laura Baker. 

He wasn’t sure if it was the woman, because his mom had taught him to rise for women, or both manners and Laura, but he found himself standing as she approached. Not that he cared why because his eyes liked what they saw. He’d expected just okay, despite his source’s assessment, he realized because she hadn’t looked this good on the TV. Of course, on TV she’d been covered in muck and blood.  

She wasn’t now. 

Tall with her blonde hair swinging free against her shoulders—it had been confined on TV—she moved like fast, fresh water. One thing hadn’t changed between TV and now. Her chin had a lot of determination in its clean, crisp lines. As she wove between the tables, her dress clinging in all the right places, he felt almost tense as he waited for her to notice him. 

Her gaze, above a coolly polite smile, was still scanning the room. After a quick glance at her old man, he kept his gaze on hers waiting to see her first reaction to him, telling himself that his tense anticipation was about answers and not because she was easy on the eyes—

Her old man shifted to block his view, his hard gaze a pointed reminder that this fishing expedition had a few obstacles. Gunn hastily reined in his appreciation.

And here’s the blurb for the book:

Laura Baker has seen a lot during her job as a New Orleans EMT. She has responded to just about every type of emergency known to man. An unexpected act of kindness during one call puts her on the news—and her life and heart at risk.

Archie Gunn receives an unexpected tip that sends him to the beautiful and mysterious city of New Orleans. His trip opens up more than he expects –and a bayou full of danger. There is a lot going on in New Orleans and it isn’t all good times and Mardi Gras.

Download the latest installment of The Big Uneasy series and discover what happens in New Orleans can be downright deadly!

Happy Monday and may all your “worries” be fictional ones!

Perilously yours,


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