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When the Wheels Come Off (It Forms a Zone)

photo of broken down wagon

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

When one of Our Daughter’s was very small, the hubs took her with him on a drive to scout a location for a Scout activity. She used to love going on “adventures” with her dad.

Well, Fate waited until they were in Nowhereville, TX to knock the wheels off the adventure. Literally.

Flat tire.

Not a huge tragedy.

Unless you just happened to clean out the trunk so you could haul something else.
And you forgot to put the spare and the jack back in the trunk.

That’s when the standard dad Adventure got modified to a NUD-venture. (It helped coin the modification that Our Daughter was about three or four.)

ADventure=fun is all around us. And possibly chocolate.

NUDventure=pretending to have fun so kids don’t cry. Always lacks chocolate. Always.

It is continues to amaze me how fast an ADventure can turn into a NUDventure. Like, between blinks. That’s when the corollary to the NUDventure was added to Family Canon. (If I’m mixing metaphors and disciplines, I don’t really care.) The corollary is that a NUDventure is more likely to happen in The Jones Zone.

The Jones Zone=the weird, semi-vortex around the hubs. Can involve both good and bad luck at the same time, but when a NUDventure is present, bad luck will predominate.

(Why am I still surprised after 38+ years in the Jones Zone? I don’t know.)

I have no clue about the history of the above wagon, but would not be at all surprised if it got stalled by a relative of the hubs.

Does your family have its own Zone? Ever had or identified a NUDventure? Could you be related to the hubs if you have? Comments are entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value). I love the first blog post of the new month because that’s when I announce who won the gift basket. 🙂

AnaBanana logo

And guess what? This is THAT blog post! And the winner of the AnaBanana gift basket for February is:

 Crystal Collier!!! (I’ll be in touch by email! Congrats!)

Perilously yours,


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Girl Gone Nova cover

This time the impossible might not be possible…

It seems appropriate to highlight Girl Gone Nova because she has an adventure that is Jones Zone worthy.

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