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The #SummerofSFR Keeps on Keeping On!

Welcome to week 2!! And a Command Decision by SE Smith!

sfr promo image

Welcome back to the second week of the Summer of SFR!

This week I am featuring the second book in my Project Enterprise series! You can read about why I wrote Girl Gone Nova here on the blog or check and read/reread why I started writing SFR in the first place. 

I know when I started Girl Gone Nova, I was pretty intimidated. The Key had really reasonated with readers and I wasn’t sure I could keep that magic going. Thankfully readers loved the book and the next thing I knew, I had an ongoing series. 

You can find out more about Girl Gone Nova here on the blog or by clicking on the image:

Cover art

This week I wanted to highlight another fun series by a favorite author: SE Smith. If you’ve been hanging around here, then you know she is the lead author for our PETS IN SPACE anthologies and has done so much to help us raise money for our charity: Hero Dogs. 

SE has a LOT of books available in a variety of genres, so it was hard to pick just one. Me being me, I chose Command Decision – Project Gliese 581G Series, Book 1, because it features a favorite trope of mine: fish out of water! This is when the character/s get sent somewhere so new, they are forced to change and adapt (i.e. suffer). 

SE Smith coverThe blurb for the book says: Action, adventure, suspense and romance ignite when an alien gateway is found and an Earth crew is pulled through it. Caught in an alien war, a Navy commander must not only find his missing crew, but protect the woman he loves.

The blurb does NOT lie! There is plenty of action, fun and romance! You check out all the ways to buy this book on SE Smith’s website. 


And if you want to check out SE’s other books, you can start here! You won’t be sorry you did!

Do you have a favorite SFR book to share today?

Perilously yours,


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