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The Power of Shoes

cowboy boots and other boots

These boots were made for [sassy] walking…

This is not an Imelda-Marcos-million-shoes blog post. For me, shoes are, for the most part, judged by:

  • How comfortable they are
  • Do they stink (If I love a pair of shoes, I love them to death)

The exception to these rules are boots.

I love boots.

When I put on boots, I feel different. And if I’m climbing behind the wheel of a pick up truck? Oh yeah, I feel…bootish. What? That’s not a word? Well, it means kind of sassy and not a million years old. Not dead. There’s a swing to my step I can’t get with flip flops.

Because I’m wearing boots.

I only have a few pairs, because boots and hot weather don’t go together that well, at least for me, so when the air cools down, the boots come out. (I’m sorry, but snow boots do not bring out my sassy, they bring out my survival instincts which is totally different.)

Funny story. I needed to get outside and clear my head, so I could work on my book. I was wearing the boots, so I drove over to the park, climbed up, and started around the levee (that’s what we called it in the south. Can’t remember what it’s called here, which is pretty sad, because I grew up here). This was not a “walk,” as in “getting exercise.” This was movement outside to clear the cobwebs from my brain and unleash the muse. I wasn’t strolling, but I also wasn’t striding.

So I was boot walking around the lake and things were going pretty good until the wind ramped up. I can’t even imagine what I must have looked like. I’m boot-staggering and trying to keep my thoughts on the book and trying not to get blown into the lake. lol

I made one, staggering lap and told my muse it would just have to get over it because we’re going home. It was even hard to keep from getting blown down the stairs and across the parking lot. lol

So much for sassy boot walking.

So my question for you, dear readers, is there a connection between your shoes and your brain/mood? What kind of shoes get your sassy on?

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Perilously yours,


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