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The Perilous P ROAR

Mountain Lion

“I roar all the time. What’s the big deal?” Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I turned fifty the same year as Godzilla. And that was, um, ten years ago. So yeah, the G monster and I been around a long time. While I didn’t start out in black and white like he did, you wouldn’t know that from my early pictures.

The world has changed a lot since then.

As a little girl, our “toys” were stoves and ironing boards, our dreams were often—small. There were girls, women in my life who didn’t let anyone put walls around their dreams. But I was—I am—shy. But no regrets. I think my life turned out the way it was meant to turn out. I loved being a wife, a mom, I love being a grandma.

And an author. 🙂

I have been happy. I have been sad.

I have had millions of joyous moments and lots of heartbreaking ones.

I have lived, loved, and learned many things.

Where I started is much different from where I have arrived (for now). I live my life in glorious color but because of where I came from, I think—I hope—that makes more aware that I do need to ROAR sometimes. That I do need to be brave. So when I watched this video, I knew I had to write this blog post.

I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to say about it. Not sure I’m capturing what I feel when I watch Alex Boye (I love that he sings with his whole body!), but I know watching this makes me happy, it makes me brave.

It makes me want to dance around my house and ROAR.

I guess I’ve lived long enough to tell you that you can do it, you can be braver than you think you are, you can hope for bigger than you think you deserve, you can live your life in bright, bold color.

Your heart can break and you can recover. That it will be the most difficult challenges survived that later will make you the most proud. They will also teach you the most about yourself.

So it’s Monday and you know that it’s not my favorite day of the week (I suspect the feeling is mutual, btw), but I’m going to play me some ROAR and then try to do it. I’m going try to live bold today and hopefully make it last into the week.

I’m going to be happy.

I’m going to be brave.

Want to join me? Share what you want to ROAR out this week, or just tell me you plan to ROAR. You can keep it close, keep it secret. 🙂 Just be sure to do it, particularly if you’ve been quiet too long.

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Perilously yours,


P.S. I think it is ironic that my characters are so much braver and bolder than I am. They are also taller. But that’s a previous blog post. LOL But I think my tallest, bravest ROAR-est character is Sara Donovan from The Key. 

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