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Why Staci Troilo Wrote the Medici Protectorate Series

Her grandfather is her hero.

Hi, everyone. Thanks for inviting me here today, Pauline. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to talk about my Medici Protectorate novels and how they came to be.

Are any of you lucky enough to have a grandfather as wonderful as mine was? I hope so. Mine was my hero.

My grandfather emigrated from Italy when he was just six years old. His father had preceded him to the States and found work in a foundry. After he’d saved enough money to bring his family over, he sent for them. Gramp immediately settled into life here. He was popular with his classmates and extremely intelligent.

But by the time my grandfather was fourteen, his father had died from the harsh working conditions, leaving his wife and seven children behind. My grandfather was the eldest of the kids. Despite promising academic potential, Gramp dropped out of school and took a job in the same dangerous foundry so he could care for his mother and siblings. Can you imagine being fourteen years old and the sole supporter of a family that size?

In addition to his intelligence, loyalty, and sense of responsibility, Gramp had a vast amount of pride in his heritage. His father was an illegitimate child, which could have been cause for familial embarrassment. But his father was Italian nobility, and even without being raised in the aristocracy, my great-grandfather had a great sense of dignity… a trait he passed on to my grandfather, who in turn passed it on to his children, and ultimately his grandchildren.

It was his pride, dignity, and quiet willingness to sacrifice for others that spoke to me.

The inspiration for the Medici Protectorate series came from my grandfather’s heritage. It veered into something else very quickly, but every time I think about the novels, I see my roots—my grandfather’s roots—in the pages. My characters descended from Italian nobility, too. Royalty, actually. They came from the Medici line. My family certainly doesn’t boast that claim to fame. But, like I said, where the inspiration started and where the series took itself are two different things.

It’s a sense of ancestral pride that drives my characters. And that’s the part of my grandfather that launched the series.

Gramp taught me that heritage, hard work, and honor are so important. The best way I knew to repay him was to immortalize him by writing the Medici Protectorate series. And I like to think he’d be proud of what I’ve done.

Bleeding Heart | Mind Control | Body Armor | Tortured Soul (coming soon)

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I’d like to thank Staci for stopping by to share her wonderful story about her heritage. This really resonates with me, because my heritage runs deep into my roots, too. So, peeps, do you have a story about your heritage to share? I love to hear from my visitors!

Perilously yours,


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