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When You’re the Entree #SFRSummerCafe

Books and food. They go together like, well, food and music. And food and almost anything fun you can do while eating.

I like food. So my characters like food. In fact, if you read one of my books and a character is craving something, it’s pretty much a given that I was craving it, too. I had one reader tell me that reading The Last Enemy made her addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and M&Ms.

Since I write suspense and adventure type fiction, mostly my characters eat on the run, but in The Key, Sara gets ordered to attend a big deal dinner party for their first, alien contact. It ought to be a good thing. A nice change from MREs in the ship’s mess. But not when she has to wear a dress. She doesn’t take it well, particularly when she’s asked to be nice, too. Feels like she’s on the menu as the entree, not a guest. But orders are orders. Even when they are crap orders. She dons her only dress, which happens to be red, and shows them how “nice” she can be, resulting in a scene that many of my readers call their favorite scene of the book:

“When the [first] song ended, Fyn thought maybe the worst was over, but then Sara stepped out from behind her keyboard and up to the microphone. She didn’t look like herself. Her gaze swept over the group, almost without recognition—until she got to Kilburn. Fyn wasn’t sure, but Kilburn might have paled. And tried to speak. At least his jaw worked a couple of times. The music started soft and then Sara started to sing something about being a woman, even though it was obvious she was one. Her voice rose, filled with challenge, and a whole lot of warning.

The song was pointed and maybe not wise, but still not terrible.

Then something changed. Fyn could see her gaze narrow—never a good sign. She was looking at Xever. Fyn looked, too. He looked amused. There was something else in his expression that Fyn couldn’t see. Suddenly Sara stalked up to him. Kilburn made a choking sound and her gaze snapped his direction, like one of their heat seeking missiles.

Sara’s brows rose—and she went right up on the table, stalking down the center in time to the music. Her heels hit the surface hard enough to make the utensils bounce and shift—but she didn’t step on a single thing as her gaze and voice challenged them to dispute what women could and would do. She looked down at Kilburn, her gaze impaling him against his chair. He gasped like a landed grope-fish.

She spun, stopping between Fyn and Carey, her hips swaying, her leg thrust out through the slit of her skirt, her foot snapping against the table top with the beat of the song. It was a beautiful sight, but the look in her eyes kept him from totally enjoying it. There was a pause in her singing and Carey said, “Damn, Donovan, I believe you. Hear you, too.”

She turned and stalked back down the table, then jumped to the floor, her heels hitting the floor like it was some man’s heart. Fyn rubbed his chest, but the look she sent Xever told him he was her target, or maybe it was Kilburn’s heart she was after. Sara spun around, leaned one hand on the table, and told Xever she was woman and she was invincible.”

cover for The Key

The scene may not make you hungry, but hopefully seeing Sara being “nice” made you smile a bit, which is almost as good as virtual food. You can check out the first part of The Key for free or grab the complete novel if you’re so inclined.

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