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Ten Better Reasons to Ban Time Travel

Chinese ban time travel. For reals!

While the story did not make any TV or radio broadcast I heard (which shocks me to my toe nails, btw), the Chinese banning the use of time travel in books and movies was big news to me. I can totally see why they might want to ban actual time travel, but their assertion that “its content and the exaggerated performance style are questionable. Many stories are totally made-up and are made to strain for an effect of novelty.”

If I was looking for reasons to ban time travel, the fact that “many” of the stories “are totally made-up” would not be on my list, let alone near the top of that list (and the “novelty” is what appeals to me, I’m afraid). So what are good reasons to ban time travel?
Here are my ten reasons that Time Travel is Bad, but feel free to add to it.
1.  Becoming your own grandpa (Time Rider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann)

2.   Fitted for a straight jacket and a quick trip to a padded room (Barney Miller episode)

cover art

He was supposed to land in Area 51…

3.   Age 40 years overnight and lose your dog (Final Countdown)
4.   Collide with another time traveler and lose your transmogrification machine. (Tangled in Time)
5.  Get your head lopped off because you speak French (Timeline)
6.  Die to get back to your lost love, which may or may not actually work… (Somewhere in Time)
7.  Trap yourself and your family in a bubble with a huge bug (Lost in Space)
8.   Fall in love and go back in time where shoes, toilets and health care are terrible—though she did get a really hot guy with great manners. (Kate & Leopold
cover art9.   Accidentally help Jack the Ripper escape into the future (Time After Time)

10. Change your own history so you have to go back to World War II and fix it, and part of that fix is getting shot down in Occupied France (Out of Time).

I will admit that while I’m not sure I’d engage in actual time travel, I do love me my fictional time travel. There are so many ways to hose your characters. To find out more about my time traveling, hosing characters books, click on books up there in the navigation and then choose “time travel.” 

So? Do you agree with the Chinese? With me? What are some good reasons to time travel?


I know it’s a bit whacky for a confirmed hermit to write books about traveling through space and time, but it is also a great stress release. So is committing fictional mayhem on my characters. I have wreaked havoc on them in many novels and a bunch of short stories. Check out my books to find out more! 

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