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Talking Books and Movies…

I’m a reader. I didn’t get in trouble for much when I was small (and a wimp) but I did get in trouble for reading novels behind my textbooks. My problem was, I always get lost in the story, which makes you easy to catch. If you’ve read my blog much, you know I also love eBooks, because they don’t take the shelf space of print books. Because I can carry 200+ on a single device. Because people only know what I’mreading if I want them to. Hey, I like romance and some of the covers are hard to take out in public. Or the titles are lame, even if the books aren’t. So I like the privacy of reading with a device.

But, for my favorite authors, my keeper authors, I buy print and digital. I buy digital because I get it (or used to get it) faster. And print so I can put it on the shelves with the other books by that authors and maybe browse through it again when I need the time with an old friend. One such author released a new novel yesterday. Linnea Sinclair’s

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