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Sweet Sounds of Summer

Pauline little

Since our move back to Wyoming, life has been very interesting. We’ve had an epic winter for snow (been thirty years…the last time we visited in the winter…hmmmm…) and much Life Happening.

But the other night when I opened the windows and I heard the sound of the sprinklers going, I was carried back to my childhood. For just a minute, I was a little girl again, trying to find a cool spot on the sheets, and flipping my pillow repeatedly, so I could get to sleep.

At some point, it would cool down but there was a reason they called them Hot August Nights.

They were hot.

At least for a while.

And each day was precious because we knew when August ended, so would summer freedom. I would start school with hope and some new clothes and shoes and a new box of crayons. This is me my first day of school wearing a dress my mom made for me.

First day of School

Yup, that is hope.

It’s only now that I understand how hard school was for introvert me. But back then you just sucked it up. And I made new friends.

Thank goodness for recess (do they have them anymore?).

And I did learn things.

Like how to read and write.

So it was worth it.

I like reading and writing.

What did you like about school?

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Perilously yours,


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