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Story Dreaming

And then I woke up....

beautiful dress

Stories come from a lot of different places, for me at least. Twice stories have come from very vivid dreams. One was a novel called The Last Enemy and the other was a short story called “Almost Over You,” from my lone romance anthology, Let’s Fall in Love. 

The “Almost Over You” story was so vivid, I woke up wondering what happened next and since my subconscious didn’t deliver, I had to make it up. The dream was just a moment. A woman standing in front of a mirror holding up this beautiful dress (I wanted that dress even though I had nowhere to wear a dress like that) and you can see a man watching her and then she tosses the dress on the bed and starts to walk past the man and he grabs her arm and there is so much angst!

And then I woke up. 

For days I wondered who she was, who he was and why they were…estranged. I knew something had happened. A betrayal. 

The gears in my brain began to turn and eventually I had this story. I had nowhere to send it. It was just there. I let a few friends read it and they mostly liked it. At some point, I set up a website and I posted it there for a while. 

Eventually, I added it to my other non-dream stories and it ended up in the anthology. The problem with the anthology is that it is the ONLY example of my romance writing. Why is that?

When I first started trying my hand at adult fiction, I focused on romance because that is what I enjoyed reading. My Grandma used to let me read her Harlequin romances (as long as they didn’t have any sexy stuff in them) and romance became my favorite genre. So it was natural that when I realized I wanted to write books, I’d want to write romance. 

In the beginning, I didn’t think I could write a whole romance novel (which proved to be correct – lol), so I focused on short romance fiction, which I also enjoyed. I still have copies of some stories from Good Housekeeping. 

Anyway, long story short (yeah, that might be a pun lol), every time I tried to write a romance novel, someone died or got blown up and it ended up being romantic suspense or mystery. 

I do think the stories are in my voice and style, but no one dies. All they do is fall in love. After some trials and/or misunderstandings and stuff. 

So if you’d like to find out the end of my dream, you don’t have to wait as long as I did. It’s available right now in Let’s Fall in Love, sporting its shiny new cover. 

Perilously yours,


P.S. Read on for a snippet from “Almost Over You.”

With slow movements, she lifted the lid off, peeled back the glittering tissue paper and exposed the contents—a glittering waterfall of fabric so alive she gasped at the sight of it.

Her hands trembled as she touched the delicate folds, then lifted it clear of the box and shook out the creases. It was an evening dress, made from soft, painfully white fabric, covered with a myriad of tiny, glittering crystals. It was easily the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen.

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