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Still Standing #Renovation

Well, still sitting and writing...

still standing

If you read my Monday blog post, then you know that I’m working on Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8. And if you follow me on social media, then you know we’re also doing a fairly major renovation of our basement. “Fairly” as in, our contractor has dug out and straightened every corner. 

And yes, we’ve had a structural engineer in. 

I feel like we’ve crossed a renovation rubicon of sorts, or perhaps its HGTV bingo. 

  1. Have you had an expert on something called in? One point for each.
  2. Plumber, electrician, tile guy, etc going to be late. Two points for each.
  3. Materials delayed. Three points for each.
  4. Had the “finish” date extended by more than a month? 50 points for each.
  5. Been up and dressed for early work more than 100 days in a row. We need to quit adding because you are YOUR OWN HGTV SHOW!

And the crowd goes wild….

Okay, I might be a little wild-eyed after fifteen weeks of having our living space reduced to a college dorm and there are sand dunes everywhere, but it is an amazing and interesting process to see someone who is really good at their job straighten out the kinks and weirdness and restore order. 

As I walk around the still unfinished basement (today it was a bit Dr. Who episode with the drifting plastic), I feel joy because I see bat crap crazy becoming a useable and happy space for my #Mom and #GrandmaProjects. I foresee many happy memories being created. And when the hubs and I leave this mortal coil, it ought to be a whole more marketable. Lol

If it ever does get finished, I will do another blog post about endings and how to say goodbye to your contractor who has been a part of your life for half a year. I haven’t asked him if people cling and can’t let go. Don’t want to lose him! lol

And I might have to do a book with a renovation in the plot…after I finish Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8. 

Perilously yours,


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