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Squirrels With Dissenting Opinions

pirate squirrel

Argh! Your cooking is not up to my standards!

Since the release of Pets in Space, we’ve been all about the pets around here, but I have not only been owned by domestic pets. Here’s a story you may have missed when it first posted:

I have been owned by many pets, but I have also—entirely without planning—coexisted with what the hubs and I like to call our “wild kingdom.”

Since we have mostly lived in cities since our marriage, I did not expect to have trouble with critters in my house. The worst of our wild kingdom“roommates” were the woodpeckers that moved into our attic for a brief time. Right above our bedroom. My head still aches remembering.

Most startling award goes to the squirrel who moved into the vent hood above the stove. When said vent hood quit venting our cooking smells, I didn’t give it much thought. Until the day I was cooking something or other and the vent hood—hissed at me.

Now I’ll admit what I was cooking was not up the New Orleans standards. But it wasn’t that bad.

I tipped my head, took a closer look. Noticed little bit of straw poking out the edges around the filter and saw…

Click here to rest the rest of the story, then come back to comment!

You know I love it when people tell me what they think, so please do tell! Did you expect that? What would you have done?

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