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“Spring” and the #GrandmaProject

Mom Nature isn’t done with us until she says she’s done.

winter's light

Winter’s Light
Yellowstone Highway, Wapiti Valley west of Cody Wyoming Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

This is a picture that the hubs took last year during our winter of endless snow (okay, it wasn’t endless, but it felt endless when it kept piling up!). This year, Mother Nature has been doling out the snow a little at a time. It snows. It warms up and melts the snow. It warms up enough that the grass gets a little green around the edges, then…

The wind comes, blowing in another round of colder temperatures and—you guessed it—snow. Not a lot of snow, mind. Just enough so that you know She could do more.

When I was in high school, one of the worst snowstorms of that year was a pile on by Mom Nature. We actually had a snow day. Roads were closed and, since I was a senior,  I missed my last speech competition in Casper. Snow was piled up everywhere. And, as my dad pointed out, even our driveway was closed. 

So I know Mom Nature isn’t done with us until she says she’s done. 

So it is nice to have the #GrandmaProject to distract me from the weather and story wrestling. I have a rough draft of Project Enterprise 7 and have moved on to working on my next Pets in Space story—hence the wrestling. I don’t know why I always expect the beginning to go better “this time.” LOL It never does. 

It’s like the story is all, “Oh, you thought I’d be easy did you? Well, take that and take this and kick them to the curb and when I’m ready I’ll let you know what the actual story is going to be about.” 

So, yay, grandkids time! I love spending time with them, because, hello, grandma! But there is also something wonderful about spending time with children, with seeing the world through their young eyes. It changes my perspective, reminds me that I used to be little, too, and fills me with delight. 

As April eases in to replace the cranky March, what are you looking forward to? Has Spring made an appearance where you are? What fills you with delight?

Perilously yours,


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