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So July Kind of Kicked my Trash…

I am, however, still here. The hard thing about July ending is that means August is starting. I was born in August, so when I say, I really don’t like August, you know I have grounds for it. It’s hot. It’s humid. Sometimes there are hurricanes. And no matter what, I get a year older. It really bites the biscuit (which it is also too hot to eat!).

That said, July hasn’t been all crazy and August will have some high spots (despite its innate bitterness against me and humanity in general).

July High Spots:

Science Fiction Romance Parallel Universe Convention
at The Galaxy Express. I blogged about diversity and bigotry. All the blogs have been really interesting and thought provoking.

I got a totally awesome review from The Long and Short of It Romance Reviews for Girl Gone Nova and it’s up for their Book of the Week. So far I’m about third in the votes, but the review is so great, I can live with whatever happens.

And Do Wah Diddy Die released in kindle format!!!!

And Girl Gone Nova popped up on a list of “breakout books” by independently published authors!

I also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with my son and enjoyed it very much.

That’s the July news, at least what I can remember. I did mention that I’m getting older! Let’s see, upcoming for August, I’ll be blogging along with “Out of This World” Blog tour, August 12-21. Should “meet” some fun authors and find yet more books for my TBR pile.

 As far as reading is concerned, done a little reading, but more writing. I’m working on my fourth book in my Garradian Universe. This one is tentatively called Steamrolled and has a mix of science fiction romance and steampunk. I’m having way too much fun with it, despite experiencing possible head exploding because of the plot. But it is because of the writing that I haven’t been blogging as much. I need to have a rough, rough draft by the end of August to make my deadline. =8-0

At the end of August, I’ll be heading to Austin for ArmadilloCon! I will be part of the pre-Con Writer’s Workshop Instructors and also on some panels. I don’t know which ones yet, but I’m right there on the list of attendees. I’m pretty excited.

So, that’s my news. Life keeps happening, keeps knocking me on my tush. I don’t jump up anymore, but I am still getting up. That’s about as good as it can get when looking down the barrel of AUGUST. (Did I mention it hates me?)

I hope summer is treating you well (it should treat someone well!) and that you’ve found time for a few good books. It was makes summer bearable, IMHO.

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