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Revisiting Why Greta van der Rol Wrote Kuralon Rescue

I’m dialing things back this summer, so I’ll be doing more revisits of past “Why She Wrote” posts, just in case you missed them the first time. Here’s a fun one from a wonderful author, Greta van der Rol:

My motives for writing my latest novel, Kuralon Rescue, evolved. I wanted to write a new book in my Morgan Selwood series, since they are my most popular books. At this point, Morgan and her admiral are very much a couple, and  I didn’t feel I could take their story much further – at least in novel length. So I decided to write about two characters in Morgan’s Return, who had an affair. I wondered what happened to Jirra and Prasad when they got home.

They live in a highly structured class system, and according to custom, they cannot have a permanent relationship.  That got me thinking about the limitations of such a society, so the book evolved into a quest undertaken by a disparate group of women, all of whom have some reason to deviate from the expected norm.

From the start the quest was to rescue one woman’s fiance from a labour camp. But then, as the group of women grew from two to four, I found they all had their own story. Toreni wants to be a chef, not a trooper. Chet is an outcast who wants her reputation back. Siena wants her fiance back and Jirra is on the run from a contracted killer, sent after her by her own family for refusing to marry the man of their choice.

Four strong, but very different, women who must form a team to achieve the rescue of Siena’s man, and also, at the behest of Fleet through Morgan Selwood, another political prisoner. Fleet offers technical assistance, but if they’re caught, they’re on their own.

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