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Revealing Post For Friday #scifirom #sfrb

Science fiction showcase banner

This month I’d like to showcase my redone Project Enterprise covers! I’m super excited and hope you enjoy seeing them, too!

First up is The Key!

The Key cover

The key will unlock more than an unknown civilization; it will define who one woman will become….

And book 2 Girl Gone Nova!

Girl Gone Nova cover

Impossible missions, an irritating male, time travel and…love? Doc never saw that last one coming?

Book 3, Tangled in Time

Tangled in Time Cover art

When the future collides with the past, something is bound to change…

And then there were four: Steamrolled 

Steamrolled cover art

Kicking Ashe  arrived today [updated 2/6/17]

Kicking Ashe Cover art

Click on an incredible journey that reviews call “the perfect ending to a favorite scifi series.”

[updated 2/8/2017] Just in! Project Enterprise Short Story Collection!

cover art

What do you think?

You can follow the other showcase posts by clicking here.

Perilously yours,


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