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Remind Me Why DEAD SPACES Happened?

Dead Spaces cover art

Be careful what you dig for…

We write books for lots of reasons. Usually, there isn’t one “this is why I wrote this book.” Which is why I have, and like, this feature. I’m curious why authors write the books they write. And believe it or not, I’m curious why I wrote a particular book. (You’d think I’d know, wouldn’t you?)

I tend to commit random acts of writing, even within the framework of a series. I never know what I’m going to write. Sometimes I don’t even know who is going to be in the series. With my Baker’s Dozen/Big Uneasy series, I know a Baker will be in there, but which one? Yeah, that’s a mystery to me, too. But there was a…more primary reason I wrote Dead Spaces.

The first reason I wrote Dead Spaces was to fulfill a promise to the readers who bought Relatively Risky and possibly purchased “Family Treed” (the short story that came after). I know the plot was tangled and that no ends were neatly tied up. Obviously, I needed to do something about that.

I’d always planned to make the series connected stories with a different sibling featured in each book. And if the novels didn’t solve everything, then I’d write short stories and novellas to fill in. “Family Treed” followed Relatively Risky fairly quickly.

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