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A Look Back at Why Laurie A. Green Wrote Inherit the Stars

Inherit the Stars cover art

When Pauline first invited me to write this guest blog on Why I Wrote Inherit the Stars, I didn’t know quite how to begin. Like several other manuscripts, Inherit the Stars has roots in a dream that planted just the kernel of an idea in my mind, a tiny snippet that clung to my consciousness upon awakening. Without getting too spoilery, it was a visual of a man aboard a starship who was talking to someone he couldn’t see, but could only interact with via the ship. Pretty vague, I know. But it became the pivotal idea behind a 113,000 word novel.

And it was a story that I knew I had to write, right then.

That scared me. Because unlike all my other works which had been happily simmering away in my head for decades, Inherit the Stars was fresh, new, unchartered territory. I knew it carried a message about self-sacrifice and righting terrible wrongs, but I didn’t have any idea where it was going or how it was going to get there (yeah, total pantser here). I only knew I had to start writing and somehow a plot would emerge from the inspired, tangled mess in my head.

Not to worry.

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