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Release day! Maestra Rising is Out!!!

Read a snippet!

intergalactic adventure

It’s finally here! It feels like it took forever (which could be partly due to me writing it while my house was being renovated – lol), but it is finally here!

I thought you might like another peek inside the covers of Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8: 

The Urclock waited, like it had that last day so long ago, only then it had been entirely dark. The Tangram had gone silent, the Seven scattered or gone to cold insensate asleep. 

Now, three lights showed on the face of the Urclock, behind the symbols indicating One, Three, and Seven. One and Seven were steady yellow, but Three was ominous. Nivi’s gaze lingered on Three because it pulsed yellow, then red. 

An SOS, the people of the Earth Expedition had called it. 

Save our souls. 

Three, the Meta needed help. She was in peril. 

Was it possible to reform, or at least partially rebuild the Tangram, after so long? Could they save Meta and the Earth ship that appeared to be in peril with her? 

They’d been asking her that question since she woke.

It was time to find out. 

She straightened her shoulders and left the doorway. The sound of her footsteps on stone alerted Valyr and Rachel to her presence.

“Nivi?” Valyr half rose from his place. “You should not be up yet.”

Their gazes locked. Friends, but never lovers, still he read the resolve in her gaze. And hesitated. Did he seek to block her? Had his loyalty shifted to Rachel’s people? She felt his struggle, or perhaps she knew it because it was in her as well. Did the ticking of the Urclock grow more insistent? 

Save our souls.

* * * * *

Here’s the blurb and after it are some buy links. If you’ve already grabbed your copy, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy diving in today! If you haven’t, well, there is still time. lol

She’s a gifted scientist. He’s a robot with a human mind. Can they save a lost ship and find love among the stars?

Nivi awakes from cryosleep plagued by guilt. The scientific genius had hoped her people would avoid war if she went into cold sleep, but she learns her sacrifice was in vain. And now a vicious enemy approaches a stranded Earth spaceship. Desperate to reactivate the technology she needs for the rescue, Nivi enlists the help of an attractive robot with a human consciousness and wisdom beyond his years…

Moose survived slavery but never forgot the feeling of worthlessness it forced upon him. After living in the body of a robot for years, he sees an opportunity to help the brilliant Nivi if he becomes human once again. In a new body with new dangers, he worries that the genius scientist will never see him as more than the robot he once was. 

Outnumbered by a relentless foe, Nivi and Moose attempt to put their desires on hold to ensure humanity’s survival. 

With time running out, can they defeat the enemy and enjoy a future filled with love?

Maestra Rising is the eighth novel in the epic Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like gripping adventures, captivating characters, and emotional out-of-this-world encounters, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ thrilling saga. 

Buy Maestra Rising to take an interstellar adventure today!

Where do you start this adventure? —-> Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Apple  Kobo  GooglePlay  B&N Print  Buy direct from me

I hope you’re even slightly as excited as I am today! 

Perilously yours,


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