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What Are You Reading?

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Last weekend I was away at a big writer’s conference. I got my Monday and my Friday blogs done before I left, but did not have a guest scheduled and was worded out when it came time for Wednesday. So this morning I went into the hub’s Flickr feed for ideas and inspiration. My first thought was a “where do you read” post, but, um, I’ve already gone to that water hole. Oops.

My fall back position is to write about something I’ve read, but honestly? My brain is still rather fried from the conference. I’m literally seeing bits of data and letters floating in front of my eyes. Okay, maybe not literally, but figuratively for sure!

I’m not sure this is an aha post or a desperation post, but I thought, why don’t you tell me what you’re reading and why? Not only will this save you from my blah, blah, blah this week, but it will help me and my visitors find something new to read. Cuz you know my eReader only has about a billion books on it and my physical TBR is creeping across the floor toward me as I type. But … let’s be honest here. Books are like dessert. You can be full to the brim, but when the pie comes by, you’ll look. And probably take a bite. And if you’re me, you’ll eat the whole slice. So yeah. More books. 🙂

Oh! There’s another great question! What’s your rationalization for buying yet another book? Bwahahaha! I could use some new ones and if you comment, you get entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket. I announce a winner the first blog post of the new month and…Holy Almost Halloween, Batman, that’s next Monday! So get those comments in now and not just for soap. But for readers everywhere. 🙂

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“The Key is a huge, sprawling space opera of a book, so be prepared to wallow in the pleasure of exploring this universe for a good long time. Emphasis on both “good” and “long”.” Science Fiction Romance Quarterly

covers for the key series

THE KEY – as a four-part series!

To deal with the “long” issue, I have split The Key into four parts and made the first part FREE! You can also buy this book whole in digital, print, and audio, or bundled in Top Guns in Time and Space.

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