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Quirky Space Travel Trivia

You can't burp in space!

space image

Depositphotos. Used with permission.

As we close on the release day for Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3, I thought it would be fun to dive into some quirky space travel trivia. 

April 12, 1961, was the beginning of it all, when the first man ventured into space—Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on the Vostok 1. We’ve come a long way since then and we have a long way to go. Here are some fun and wacky facts we’ve learned about space travel so far:

  • Space Pizza

Pizza parties during space flight could be a thing soon. Due to BeeHex, a 3D food printing and robotics company, Nasa astronauts will soon be able to print and chow down on 3D pizza in space.

  • You Can’t Burp In Space

Speaking of pizza, you can’t burp in zero-G because the liquids and gasses in your stomach won’t separate. 

  • Space Travelers Are Time Travelers

When traveling in space you’ll experience less time there than people on Earth because of time dilation. Not a lot though, cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev holds the record—20 milliseconds.

  • You Have To Wear Dirty Underwear

We don’t have an efficient means of doing laundry during a space flight and washing clothes by hand would waste the sparse amount of water aboard. So, in space, astronauts wear the same underwear for three or four days and the same work clothes for months without washing them. However, it’s not that bad because spaceships are very clean and the temperature’s controlled so clothes don’t get that dirty. Also, our sense of smell isn’t so good in space so body order isn’t too much of a problem. But astronauts work out during space flights for their muscles and bone mass so in time their clothes get dirty. That’s when they pack them up with the garbage and deposit them into the atmosphere to burn up. However, we’re looking toward the less wasteful solution of feeding our dirty space clothes to bacteria that would digest them and release methane gas that we could use as rocket fuel for the spaceship.

  • Feet Peel In Space

Since you don’t walk around in space flight, the skin on the bottom of your feet goes soft and starts to peel off. Astronauts have to be careful when taking off their socks so they don’t leave bits of skin floating around the spaceship.

  • Space Stinks Up Your Stuff

When astronauts who go into space return to their capsule or to Earth their equipment has gnarly odors. That’s because high energy vibrations in the materials pick up odors when they come into contact with air. There have been a variety of descriptions of the stench—fried steak or burning metal or rum or raspberries.

  • Tears Don’t Fall

You can cry in space but your tears won’t slide down your face. They just stay there in a kind of ball of water beneath your eye. 

  • We’re All Space Travelers

The speed of Earth in relation to the cosmic background radiation is 872,405 MPH. So, everyone on earth is zooming through space.

There you go, space is stranger than you thought. So, the next time you’re reading a sci-fi romance with characters aboard a spaceship, you might want to see if it mentions any of the weird stuff. 

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