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The Hubs Took This Picture for Me

Dumas's Tacos Photo

Fun with Grammar
Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

So, I was talking with the hubs the other day and he asked me if I’d seen the picture he took for me.

The hubs takes a LOT of pictures, for a lot of reasons (mostly artistic), but he also knows I have a quirky sense of humor. (Two pictures NOT taken were the Jesus Saves Taco Stand and the How Firm a Foundation Church — that met in a mobile home. I did say quirky, did I not?)

So when I popped over to his Flickr page and saw this photo—well, it was just another sign of his deep love for me. He even went inside and had a taco and talked to the owner, because that is just how he rolls.

The only problem with a photo about Dumas’s Taco place is what blog post does one wrap it in? You can’t say they aren’t embracing their brand. (If you don’t believe me, zoom in on the window where it says “…you too can be a DUMASS customer. And who doesn’t love a dumass in shades? Or should I capitalize that? Because there is also a kind of punctuation thing going on here, too.)

So, the name may be a little, um, dum, but the it looks like the food would be awesome. Would you stop, snap, and eat at Dumas’s Taco?

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