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Why I Don’t Go to McD’s in my PJ’s or the Curse of an Over Active Imagination

My Active Imagination

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I almost went to McDonald’s in my pjs. Someone tweeted back: drive thru.

Trust me when I saw that drive thru is my favorite way to get food. As a confirmed hermit it cuts down on the number of people I have to talk to. (Grin). I tweeted back a 🙂 because I couldn’t condense my issue enough for a Tweet. I wasn’t sure I even knew what my issue is. So I’ve been mulling it.

When I was young and almost everything embarrassed me, it was trauma time to be outside the house without makeup and clothes that matched. I remember a particularly hectic morning resulted in me going to work with NO makeup on. I wanted to die. I laugh now, because I probably looked the best I was ever going to look without makeup. Now that I’m older and beat up, I have no problem going out without makeup. I still get dressed though.

Delving deeper into my scary psyche, I realized my pj prohibition is more about what might happen than it is clothing issue.

In fact, it is the curse of a vivid and active imagination. It is great for writing novels, but not so much for my real life. Where does my imagination fit into the puzzle? Well consider this. It is one thing to drive to and from McD’s in my pjs, never exposing my pj’d self—at least the bulk of my pj’d self—to the wider world. But what if something goes wrong?

What if I was in an accident in my pjs?

What if I got a flat tire and had to change it in my pjs.

What if I got picked up in my pjs? (Not that I speed or anything.)

What if one of those things happened AND it started raining…

Okay, I have to stop now. [Insert shudder here]

All of these things would result in me standing by the side of the road in my pjs! At least a couple of the scenarios would result in me being stared at by a stern police officer while wearing my pjs. And if the pjs are sodden to the point of transparent and clingy…

If I were young and, um, still, er, pert, maybe this wouldn’t bother me so much, but certain areas of my body have been heading South for quite a few years now. And don’t tell me to containment precautions. If I do that, I might as well get dressed.

Sadly, it’s not just pjs that give me imaginary trouble. I also can’t walk down to check the mail without locking the front door. My brain really goes wild with an unlocked door. And motel showers. And after seeing that episode of Law & Order  where the creepy guy put cameras in the toilets in the ladies room…

(I asked the hubs if he had a photo depicting an over active imagination and he offered the above. LOL)

Are you ever too paranoid to do something? Does your imagination ever get out of hand? Help me out here and get entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket ($50 value this month in honor of NaBloPoMo). Winner will be announced the first blog post of December. 🙂

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