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Teasing OUT OF TIME #sfrgtt

Out of Time Cover

“…the story is magical, romantic, and funny….In this homage to the Greatest Generation, Jones takes us on a wild and often poignant ride through time.” Over My Dead Body Reviews 

Winner of Eppie 2007 – Mainstream

A time travel/action adventure/romance. 

For adventure reporter, Melanie “Mel” Morton, World War II is part of the past until the day that former B-17 bomber pilot, Jack Hamilton walks out of history and into her kitchen.

What he tells her sends her on her craziest adventure yet—straight into the past to try and save her grandfather’s life.

All she has to do is travel through time, stick to the mission, outmaneuver a couple of armies in the middle of a war, oh, and not fall in love with the hotshot bomber pilot.

No problem…well, maybe a little…

The plane rumbled as it banked, then straightened. The technicians traveling with them jumped up and started fiddling with the dials on the time machine. It was small and very space-age looking and hanging above the hatch where the vortex was supposed to form.

“It’s almost time,” Jack said. He looked at her as if he were trying to memorize the moment. Meeting his gaze, she felt isolated from the sudden burst of activity. They were two people caught in a bubble. His eyes tried to tell her something, while at the same time trying to hide it from her. She wanted to solve the puzzle, but there wasn’t time. There was only time now for the mission.

She stood up. As hard as her SEAL gear had been, in some ways it was easier than the late thirties get-up, though the stocking clad feet were easier than the webs, except for the punishing cold. Toes could dig into the metal floor, but the clothing felt odd and constrictive. She actually missed her fatigues. As she made her way toward the open hatch with Jack’s time machine hanging over it, hanging over her, and hanging on to the clutch bag, the final briefing played in her head.

“You’ll feel yourself falling and then spinning. The buffeting will be considerable and fairly prolonged. Then you’ll integrate into the past.  You’ll be a part of it. They tell me you won’t even feel a jolt. You’re just there.”

That’s why they’d targeted London. She wouldn’t be as noticeable appearing there. They hoped. That was assuming she didn’t end up splattered all over present day London.

One of the techs reached out to help steady her as she stopped by the hatch. She looked down. Clouds obscured the city below. She had only their word London was down there. For all she knew, they were dropping her into the ocean. It was truly a jump into the unknown.

So now she knew, or at least she was starting to understand, what drove people to face unknown danger. Or even known danger. It wasn’t about being brave or a longing to do deeds of valor. Because she wasn’t feeling either of those things right now. It was about the people she loved, keeping home and hearth safe. She didn’t know the family their meddling had cost her. She didn’t know what impact, what ripples in time their actions had caused. She may never know. She did know Gran, and through her, Norm. If she could find a way to bring them back together, well, that was worth risking everything for.

Someone was shouting the countdown.


She looked over her shoulder. If she succeeded, she’d never see Jack again. If she didn’t, she still wouldn’t see him again. He knew it, too. Their gazes met, clung, and then he smiled and gave her a thumbs up. She didn’t have a free hand, but she could nod. She even managed a smile for him.

“…two…one.  Go…go…go,” the tech shouted.

She looked down and wished she hadn’t. The clouds were gone, replaced by what looked like a spinning, shining tornado. Oh, crap. She closed her eyes and stepped off the edge.

I hope you enjoyed this Out of Time teaser. You can buy this book at your favorite online bookstore.

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