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10 Reasons It is Okay to be Old as Dirt

heart mountain image

Heart Mountain, Cody, WY. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

This is the first August in years that went by at the speed of light. Usually August is something I slog through, beat up by heat, humidity, and the knowledge that I’ll be a year older by the end. And I’ll be lucky if the a/c doesn’t crap out on my “big day.”

I’m still a year older (and it’s a REALLY big number this year), but it’s been a good August (it would have had to work hard to be worse than July and the infamous Fridge Wars, but August usually has no problem being worse than just about anything…) and I am writing this with the mountains in view if I crane my neck just a little. Even better, it is NOT humid (though my cuticles are not dancing for joy over this) and I’ve been partying with the fam while waiting to be a grandma again in September.

I got a kick out of this line from the hubs description of the above photo of Heart Mt.

“The rock on the summit of Heart Mountain is…almost 300 million years older than the rocks at the base.”

I’ve been looking for the right description of what it feels like to get older (as in SERIOUSLY older) and this might be it. For me, it’s the surface that is around 300 million, more or less—mostly more—years older than how I feel at my “base,” i.e. inside.

I can remember my grandmother telling me she was surprised to look in the mirror and see an old face looking at her. I’d think, “What the heck? How can you not know you’re old?”

But it is true. In my head my body will leap and jump and run and when I try to do it with the actual body, yeah, it doesn’t go so well. But then I think, “well, why do you want to do that when you can read a book?”

So, while I’m not happy at the vastness of the number of my age, I’m not averse to being older. There are some real benefits. For instance, I can legitimately say, “I’m too old for that.”

Other benefits of being old as dirt are:

  1. No-guilt napping

  2. No one expects you to run and jump

  3. I’ve pretty much come to terms with gravity’s grip on my jowls and other body parts.

  4. I can embrace my inner (and outer) grandma.

  5. I don’t have to be in charge of that much.

  6. If I don’t want to do something, all I have to do is look confused and say, “Now tell me again how this works?”

  7. I don’t have to head south to be heading south. I don’t have to move at all.

  8. I’m almost invisible to anyone under forty.

  9. I’m old enough to “remember when…”

  10. I’m too old to take guilt trips.

I’ve been trying to remember what I thought it would be like to be old, but that hasn’t come back to me yet. I guess I need to get a little older for that to drift to the top of my memory. I do know, this isn’t what I thought it would be, which is okay. Life should be unexpected, even when you’re old as dirt.

What do you think of getting old—from either perspective? Have expectations? Hopes? Resigned for it to be what it is?

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