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Now Why Did She Write KICKING ASHE?

Kicking Ashe Cover art

I think it is ironic that my looking back at “why I wrote” post this week is about kicking. Why is this ironic? Because it is August and it likes to kick me around. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll write about what I’m supposed to write about, namely Kicking Ashe. And I’ll answer the question of why I wrote it.

Take it away, well, me.

I was going through my why I wrote blog posts and realized I hadn’t done one for Kicking Ashe. I hope I can remember why I wrote it.

Just kidding.

Like many (most) of my books, Kicking Ashe wasn’t planned. Should I admit that? In the writing business, it’s called “writing by the seat of your pants or into the mist writing.” It basically means, I start out not knowing exactly where I am going.

Usually, I do know what type of book I’m writing (romantic suspense or science fiction romance) and if I don’t know right away, well, I know when the alien pops up in the story. Or something explodes or a shot rings out. Those are clues, first for me, and later for the readers.

But Kicking Ashe, well, it was the last book in my Project Enterprise series (there is a short story that wraps up one last character, but it’s short. You can find it in Project Enterprise: The Shorts.) I tried really hard to wrap it all up in Steamrolled. But when the book pushed past 142K, yeah, I knew I had to stop. So at the end, I left Ashe with her tush basically hanging out somewhere To Be Explained Later.

Which meant that I had to Explain It.

That’s the tricky part of being an author. The buck stops at your computer…

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