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Not My Problem

What are those mule deer thinking?

mule deer

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

In my month-long series of hub’s photos sharing, I ran onto this one. Is it just me or are those mule deer thinking, “Keep your distance, human. That virus is your problem, not ours.”

I was scrolling through Facebook and there was a meme about Jurassic Park. Fact: For everyone saying America won’t reopen, remember Jurassic Park reopened 5 times AFTER people were EATEN alive. FIVE.

So, while I’m working on my blogs for the week, I put the first one on to “cheer me up.” Hahaha

Lowlights for the week: getting hives. Prednisone is not a fun medication. Just ask the hubs. 

Highlights for the week: Reading Landon by Veronica Scott (helps put my problems in perspective!) and The Killer in King’s Cove by Iona Whishaw. An excellent, atmospheric mystery set around the end of WWII in Canada. Also revisited Brokenwood Mysteries on Acorn (I think.)

What are your high and lows for the week? I hope you’re all doing okay.

Perilously yours,


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