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Riding Into 2024 On a Wing!

And a lot of hope!

January 1 Blog Post Pauline Baird Jones

Aren’t we just so hopeful that it will be a better year? 😂

So far it has been an interesting decade and it’s not even half over. (Did you notice what I did there? I’m looking at time in bigger chunks to try to smooth out the bumps. I’ll let you know if it works.)

I know what I’d like to accomplish this year, but Life gets a vote and it’s been having a lot of fun at my expense.

So, no matter what Life has planned, Telling Time: An Out of Time Story and the conclusion to my Out of Time Stories WILL release in bookstores on January 11. It’s already in firing position and even if I die, it will happen. 

What I hoped would happen was to release a Big Uneasy story in February, but the hubs hurt himself in June and then had surgery the end of November to fix that injury, so I’ve been living in the 50s for the last half of the year.

Don’t know what that means? 

I’m having to do all (well, most) of the things. I might as well put on a dress and an apron because I’m cooking again. Well, sort of. But I sweat over a hot microwave most days. And I actually have to leave the house to drive through McDonalds and such. It’s a small town. There aren’t a lot of choices. #HermitProblems

But we’re stumbling along. It’s a bit like a comic reality show some days. I came out one morning to find the little fast charging station stuck in the hub’s lift chair. I looked at the chair. I looked at him and said, “Well, isn’t that a big pile of man, I wish I hadn’t given up swearing.” 

And no, he’s not sure how it happened. 

Usually I try to funnel my life stresses into my books to disfuse it a little, but the book is having a hard time keeping up. I probably need to switch to a Cyborg book so I can blow up some space ships or something. 

So my long term plan is:

  • To not die
  • To move up to at least the 70s in my real life (though not the clothes)
  • To write at least two books this year
  • To send shorter newsletters weekly
  • And to launch my reader membership

(Are you going, wait, what did you just do there? Yup. I actually did that last one. I have a membership for readers who’d like to take a RetroQuest adventure with me. You can check it out here.)

So that’s how I’m starting 2024. How about you? What are your unrealisitc hopes for 2024? 😂

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