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My Lonesome Mama

When done isn't done.

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Around the turn of the century, I wrote three books about three brothers that I eventually called my Lonesome Lawmen trilogy or series. In hindsight, I might have wished there had been more brothers (I solved that problem in my Big Uneasy series hahaha), but I didn’t and when it was done, it was done.

Or was it?

They did have a mom. A widowed mom. So I pitched the idea to my then publisher to release a special bundle of the three stories with a bonus short story about the guys’ mom. She’d been alone a long time and she deserved her own romance and adventure (I did not tell her sons beforehand. They would have totally nixed it.)

Since this seems to be short story week here on the blog, I’ll pause here to explain that this short story is available on the usual vendors. When I decided to start releasing my .99 short stories only on my blog, Lonesome Mama was already available on the various vendors’ sites. I will be honest, about every other month I think about taking it down because I only make .35 for each sale and the vendors get .70. But it’s there, so each time I decide to suck it up. And it kind of feels like breaking up the family to take it down. 

So what is Lonesome Mama about?

Debra Kirby’s boys aren’t lonesome anymore, and now the long-time widow finds herself pining for a bit of adventure and romance in her life. When Donovan Kincaid offers a plane ride to a friend’s wedding, neither of them expect trouble, but that’s just what they get. Now the “lonesome mama” is having her own adventure and her own romance—if she can survive.

Here’s a short excerpt:

The trouble with kids, parents weren’t real to them. Debra knew this because she’d been the same way about her parents. It was only when she became a parent that she realized her parents had been young and had lives and feelings she knew nothing about. Most of the time she could be philosophical about it, but it was hard when she had no one to be real with. A longing for John stabbed through her joy at being airborne, but before it could take root, something thudded into the small craft. Actually, several somethings.

Donovan cursed and turned the plane into a spinning dive.

“What is it?” 

“Someone’s shooting at us,” he said grimly.

Debra heard the words, but they didn’t seem real. It wasn’t possible. Things like this happened in the movies, or maybe in her sons’ lives, but not hers. She was a grandma for Pete’s sake.

She clutched the sides of her seat as the plane spun down, catching a brief glimpse of the helicopter pursuing them. It looked military. Sort of, but not quite right. Smoke trails spat from guns on each side of it, spurting past them as they spun down. The ground rushed toward them. They were going to crash. Donovan pulled back hard and the plane leveled out. It skimmed along the treetops, dodging their pursuers as much as possible. The engines whined in protest. Debra wanted to whine, too. She was thrown against the straps across her chest. Slammed against the seatback. Then jostled from side to side. Bullets thudded into the body of the plane at irregular intervals. 

* * * * *

As I mentioned, you can buy all the Lonesome Lawmen and Lonesome Mama at your regular online book retailer. And for a short time, you can get the complete Lonesome Lawmen bundle, which includes Lonesome Mama, for the bargain price of .99! That’s all the stories for what it would normally cost you to buy the short story. 

So if you like action, adventure, and romance, grab the bundle now! (Before the price goes back up!)

Perilously yours,


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