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Some More Quirky :-)

I came to this video by a very quirky path. I saw the tree from yesterday’s blog post, and for some reason thought about Euell Gibbons and his “ever eat a tree” commercial. Just for the record, I did try to track that down, but it does not seem to be readily available on YouTube. If you know a secret source, do tell.

Anyway, you know it is when you’re on YouTube. You start wondering if XX is also available. One of my favorite videos from The Muppets was “The Gnu Song.” And there is was! Score! Even better, it is a quirky score. If you can watch it and not smile, then you lack a quirky gene.

So here’s my Friday challenge (it’s easy, I promise). Strut your quirky stuff in the comments section. It can be a quirky video, book or movie. Other bonus is that all comments are entered into my monthly giveaway of an AnaBanana gift basket (worth $50 this month because of NaBloPoMo). Winner will be announced the first blog post of December. 🙂

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Perilously (and still quirkily) yours,

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