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Magnetic Wisdom?

pauline's refrigerator magnets

What does your refrigerator say about you?

I was looking at my magnets and got to wondering what they say about me. And honestly, I’m still not sure. lol

We got a new refrigerator last year, an ordeal in learning patience AND we lost our magnetic surface. So I brought all my magnets to our retirement house. That’s why they are lined up like soldiers. Eventually they will be moved around as I used them to hold things I need to remember, but probably won’t. But for now, they are marshaled neatly for study and forensic assessment.

The placement of the heating and cooling magnet is only interesting to me (who has the a/c go out more times than she cares to remember – and usually on my birthday.).

What other things do my magnets say about me? Are they insights into Perilous P? Or bits of wisdom stuck there to inspire me as I’m getting out my Diet Dr. Pepper?

Let’s take a closer look….

A lot of them were gifts from my sister, who knows me better than I know myself, so there is probably some deep insight hiding in plain sight. Assuming I’m deep enough for insights hiding in plain sight.

Some of them are no big mystery. We know I love to read, love books. The pig is a bit of a puzzle unless you know that my first novel,  The Spy Who Kissed Me used to be called Pig in a Park. And in Do Wah Diddy DieI, a pig gets blown away. (My sister claims I symbolically “killed” her childhood stuffed pig and she might be right. So what the pig says is, “I know what you did and I know where you live.” It might also have a message about never forgetting…)

more refrigerator magnets

Which brings me to the question magnet. For the record, I AM the evil sister. I’ve fictionally killed more than a stuffed pig…

Some of them are interesting only to me, but others should probably be emblazoned on my forehead. (Wouldn’t that be a good invention? A tee shirt or cap with changing messages depending on how your day is going…)

Most of them make me smile, but they are funny because there is a small truth in each of them, a little story about me, about who I am. I might be scared about that, but I’m also old as dirt, so I don’t worry as much about my waist and caffeine consumption—or what others think of me (assuming “others” check out my refrigerator magnets). Lol

So does your refrigerator (or other surface) sport revealing magnets? Little bits of wisdom to keep you pressing forward? There to make you smile?

I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive my monthly AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value).  (And don’t forget that once a quarter I’ll be tossing in something fun from the Perilously Fun Shop!) Recipient is announced the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously yours,


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