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Maestra Rising Cover Reveal!

Can they save a lost ship and find love among the stars?

cover art

I’m SO excited to officialy reveal the cover here on my blog (I did a first look on the Whisky With My Book Blog on Tuesday!) for Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8! I plan to release it June 18, 2019 right now, but if all the moving parts come together at the right time, I’ll move that up. In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

She’s a gifted scientist. He’s a robot with a human mind. Can they save a lost ship and find love among the stars?

Nivi awakes from cryosleep plagued by guilt. The scientific genius had hoped her people would avoid war if she went into cold sleep, but she learns her sacrifice was in vain. And now a vicious enemy approaches a stranded Earth spaceship. Desperate to reactivate the technology she needs for the rescue, Nivi enlists the help of an attractive robot with a human consciousness and wisdom beyond his years…

Moose survived slavery but never forgot the feeling of worthlessness it forced upon him. After living in the body of a robot for years, he sees an opportunity to help the brilliant Nivi if he becomes human once again. In a new body with new dangers, he worries that the genius scientist will never see him as more than the robot he once was. 

Outnumbered by a relentless foe, Nivi and Moose attempt to put their desires on hold to ensure humanity’s survival. 

With time running out, can they defeat the enemy and enjoy a future filled with love?

Maestra Rising is the eighth novel in the epic Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like gripping adventures, captivating characters, and emotional out-of-this-world encounters, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ thrilling saga. 

Preorder Maestra Rising to take an interstellar adventure today! Releasing June 18, 2019!

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And here is an excerpt from Moose’s point-of-view. He’s having to learn a lot of new things, not the least, how to become human again.

Read the excerpt:

This body showed some scarring. The original had been something of a warrior, Valyr told him when he inquired about the damage. The skin of this body was mostly smooth and the hair did not have streaks of gray like General Halliwell’s hair. 

He turned to the side. The body had been well-cared for prior to being cloned. The stomach was flat, the legs strong and long. He flexed the hands. The fingers were more flexible than his metal hands but were less adept. How did that work? 

Already it seemed the outside of the body had changed since his integration, but these eyes did not process data the same way, so he was not sure he was what he had hoped. 

He reached for his pants. That was the other thing to deal with. Clothes. Apparently, there was an acceptable level to wear in and around others, except when he went swimming in the pool. Then he could wear the small covering, though he was not certain why that one part of his body was to remain hidden other than during showering or evacuating.

When he asked, after a short silence, Rachel told him, “Consider it a public service to cover up, sweetie.” 

He must have appeared mystified, because she added, “They fitted you with a nice body, but there are…parts you should keep to yourself until the right time for sharing.”

He must have looked even more confused, because she added, “Haven’t you seen how the girls look at you?”

He had not, but after he left her he tried to observe girls looking at him. But looking did not provide additional data since they looked away when he looked at them. 

* * * * *

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I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and be sure to preorder! Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8 will release on June 18, 2019!

Thanks for your patience while you waited for the next installment!

Perilously yours,


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