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That Fool-Making Thing Called Love #fool4love


I think we’ve all been fools for love, even if it was only in 7th grade. Falling for the wrong guy who breaks your heart. Falling for the gal who doesn’t know you are alive. Falling.

Love really is a leap into the unknown. Sometimes the landing isn’t too bad. Sometimes, well, we all know about leaping and crash landings.

But what if you’ve leaped into the unknown so far that you’d be a fool to add love to the mix? What if the leap was to a new galaxy with a yet-to-be-defined mission?

Falling for the wrong guy takes on a whole new meaning when the he’s an alien. Who has already proved himself less than trustworthy. Who is the Leader of half or more of a galaxy. And he has a ridiculous name. Seriously, who would be lame enough to fall for that guy?

Not a level-headed, bad-a, black ops gal who think she knows everything she needs to know about leaping and landing on her feet. Of course, he does have lovely eyes and he’s very pretty….

When I started trying to make Delilah “Doc” Clementyne and Helfron Giddioni (I told you it was ridiculous!) into a couple, it was NOT by choice. Helfron had a stupid name because he was supposed to be a bad guy. End of story.

Only he fought back. And he indicated some willingness to be redeemed IF I didn’t go too far in the redeeming. A guy could change, but not into someone completely different. He only wanted to be good enough to get the girl. (Sounds like a guy, right?)

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So if you know anything about the Bible at all, then you know Delilah was not that good either. Lol When I first started writing about Doc, well, I had to coax her out of the shadows. The gal was good at hiding. She’s like, dating? What’s that? It was a good day if she met a guy she didn’t have to shoot.

She didn’t have many of those kind of good days. Hey, doing the impossible over and over again is not easy. And she wasn’t about to add “fool for love” to her resume.


Those eyes…

Usually I don’t put two darkish characters together in the same story, but characters can be fools for love, too, you know. They can fall for the one person they can never, ever have. They can fight to be with that person against all odds. And they can even figure out how to be the right person for the wrong person.

I won’t say it is easier in fiction to make the wrong person into the right person, cuz it’s really hard. And both characters have to be willing to make the necessary changes to become right. Hel had to quit being a jerk. And Doc, well, she had some retooling to do, too. They both had to learn to trust—and had to learn how to be trustworthy. Luckily in real life, we don’t have to travel through time and space, so maybe real life is easier, though honestly, I don’t think love is EVER easy.

In real life—and in fiction—love requires us to be our “better angels,” to be willing to accept someone else for who and what they are, be willing to let them be themselves and at the same time, work on trying to be better than “our better angel-ness.” Being willing to grow and change WITH someone else, well, that’s the greatest challenge of all, isn’t it? And since I’m going to celebrate forty years with the hubs this April, well, being a fool for love can be awesome with the right person. 🙂

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Perilously (and foolishly in love) yours,


covers for Girl Gone Nova parts.

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