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Love Isn’t Easy in the #BigUneasy

Who would Sarah fall in love with?

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Ever since I introduced Sarah, Nell’s landlady/friend, in RELATIVELY RISKY, I’ve been mulling which of the Baker brothers would snag her heart. I think I was as surprised as Sarah and Cal when events brought them together and love bloomed—though it wasn’t easy because love and life aren’t easy in the Big Easy! 

Here’s a snippet from FAIS DO DO DIE for you: 

Part of me wants to wail like a baby, but I’m too tired.” At these words, tears did prick the corners of her eyes. “I was sure glad to see you and your team.” 

“The perps had already given up,” Cal pointed out. 

Sarah met his gaze then. “Not completely. It wouldn’t have taken much to shift things the other direction. They were pretty freaked out.” 

Sarah found her hands clutching the side of her countertop as she remembered staring into the main goon’s eyes. Trying to stay calm, as a tic worked at the side of his right eye. And the one who’d studied her like she was a piece of meat. 

“They weren’t nice men,” she murmured, a tremor in her voice she hadn’t planned on, as she echoed Maisie’s understated assessment.

“No.” Cal’s hand reached easily across the counter and covered her hand. 

Did it feel cold to him? Because heat flowed from his, easing the chill that memory had returned to her body. He had nice eyes, a strong face, and firm mouth. It was easy—or lazy—to think they all looked alike, but they didn’t and they weren’t. Oh, they were all good guys. Frank was mercurial and amusing. Ben was easy going with a quiet sense of humor. Sarah wasn’t sure what or who Cal was, but she realized she’d like to know. 

Seeing him come through that door at the event, his body lethal and graceful had both thrilled and scared her. What they all, or most of the Bakers, did was dangerous, but what Cal did took it up a big notch. She knew through Nell that their dad wasn’t thrilled with Cal’s choice, but tonight she was grateful for it. 

“Thank you,” she said, “for saving my—our lives.” 

He shifted uncomfortably. That was pure Baker boy. But he didn’t lift his hand from hers. 

And here is the blurb for FAIS DO DO DIE: 

He kicks down doors, and she serves hors d’oeuvres. And the Big Uneasy delivers them both a huge helping of high stakes danger—and a chance at romance.

A happy ending skeptic and caterer, Sarah Burland has a high profile gig at a fundraiser. It’s a coup for her catering company until murder kills the party spirit and triggers a hostage situation. 

SWAT Team Member Calvin Baker’s job cost him his marriage. He’s done with romance—even if he does find himself taking an interest in a family friend, Sarah, from time to time. He’s sure his feelings are platonic until he finds out she’s caught in a hostage situation. 

Cal’s team affects a rescue, but Sarah’s troubles aren’t over. The victim’s friends—and enemies—keep trouble cooking, and the deeper they dig, the more confusing things get—and the more their attraction to each other grows.

Can the cook and the cop survive long enough to work out their differences? Take a ride into another installment in the engaging Big Uneasy series and find out!

I have to pause a moment to squee over that cover! It just makes me smile!

I hope your day is bringing a smile to your face!

Perilously yours,


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