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#LookingBack at Why I Wrote STEAMROLLED

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So I’ve been pretty slammed this summer and have not had time to corral authors into showing up here (other than the lovely Veronica Scott!). So I’m continuing my look back at some of my “why I wrote” posts. And because I just released a new book in my Project Enterprise series, I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about the other books in the series.

So, without further blathering from me, here’s my “why I wrote” for Steamrolled

I recently got an awesome fan letter for Steamrolled. He wrote that it had the most unique and original views on time travel he’d come across in his fifty years of reading. That email pretty much made my day, cuz writing that book almost made my head explode. Seriously.

I knew it was pretty crazy when I wrote it, but the story went where it wanted to go.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Why did I start the book in the first place is what these posts are supposed to be about.

So, I wrote a book called The Key. It wasn’t intended to become a series. It was just a book that bled out of my head onto the screen and eventually turned into a really, really long novel. To my surprise, readers liked it. It even won a couple of awards. But it was supposed to be a one-off thing cuz it was set in outer space and I didn’t write science anything.

But this funny thing happened on my way to not writing any more books in that universe.

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Did you learn anything you didn’t know about Steamrolled

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