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A Look Back at Why Cara Bristol Wrote MATED WITH THE CYBORG

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With the long, lazy days of summer upon me, I’m doing more looks back at “why they wrote” posts. This week it is Cara Bristol’s Mated with the Cyborg. 🙂

I wrote Mated with the Cyborg, a sci-fi romance, because I wanted to tell the truth.

Er, I wanted Kai Andros, the hero, to tell the truth—or at least the truth as he sees it.

Kai is a cyborg and a cyberoperative, an undercover agent with a covert paramilitary organization fighting against terrorism in the galaxy of the future. He’s a tough-as-nails, hard-driving force who has no patience for political correctness or pretense. His mission is to jump in and get the job done.

Kai is the guy who will immediately point out that there’s an elephant in the room and that the emperor is buck-ass naked.

His job of infiltration, intelligence gathering, and the occasional assassination didn’t require open-mindedness. He was too used to being around other cyborgs whose feelings weren’t easily hurt.

* *  *

Many planets practiced customs deemed bizarre by Terran standards, and diplomats weren’t supposed to judge. “Embrace diversity of thought and culture,” the Association of Planets said in its Declaration of Purpose. Fortunately, Kai was not a diplomat, but a cyborg operative who didn’t have to embrace bullshit. A culture that kept half its population illiterate was plain wrong.

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