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Dusk in Central Park, New YorkCity, New York Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

As I write this post, the light outside is fading fast (why does it seem like the sun disappears faster in the winter?) and I’ve got the fireplace going to keep off the chill. It’s “warmed up” to 28 degrees, and yes, it actually did feel warmer when I went shopping a little bit ago.

As I was browsing the hubs Flickr page for images, the above one caught my eye. I stared at it a long time before deciding to use it, because I wasn’t sure at first why I wanted to use it. But as it got darker, I realized how important light becomes when it is dark.

I can remember driving back home after Hurricane Georges had passed us by. Coming back from our evacuation spot (a church), we found ourselves traveling with what seemed like a 100 power trucks, some with plates as far away as Michigan.

Tears came when I realized these men and women must have been driving this way for a least a couple of days. Driving from distant places to restore lights and power to our homes, our city, our state.

As we came into New Orleans, it was so dark, with only our headlights finding the roadway. Not only were the freeway lights out, but huge chunks of the city were pitch black. I think we passed one other car as we made our way toward our neighborhood, wondering if we were heading to a home without power.

I can’t describe the relief I felt when we turned onto our street—one with streetlights on and a few lights here and there in the houses.

Yes, we had power.

We weren’t so lucky after Hurricane Ike blew through Houston and went on to take out the power for a huge swath of the country.

There’s nothing like sitting in the dark to make you appreciate light. And as I move into the holiday season, preparing for my family to gather, I’m deeply grateful for the light—lighted lamps, that fire, and the lights of our Christmas Tree, reminding me of that cold dark night when that special little baby was born, bringing the light of hope into the world.

Whether you believe the same way I do or not, I hope you’ll take a moment to be grateful for light in the darkness.

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