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Why Catrina Taylor Wrote Knights of the Immortals 

Nights of Immortal cover art

There are a couple of reasons Knights of the Immortals was created. I wanted a series I could share with my kids, but with all of the archeological discoveries lately, a lot of what if’s have come up. Within the last number of years there have been announcements confirming the existence of at least three other Hominin species. Of these new species in the hominin family tree, two have been proven to co-exist with early homo-sapiens. This just begged the question what if this is where some of our myths are rooted?

Myths are stories handed down over centuries by word of mouth, until writing became widespread. Then they were recorded for history to remember. Among these myths are stories about how creatures called sailors to the sea and their deaths. There are myths that speak about creatures who could change from animal to human and back again. There are myths speaking about creatures of the night who prey upon the blood of humans. These stories continue with infinite possibilities and often changed with the person telling the stories.

Knights of the Immortals creates a world where these creatures are not myth, but instead they are people who myth is written to explain. In this universe, the people of myth withdrew from general association with humanity as we know it – centuries ago. They did this out of fear, out of the realization humanity as they are familiar with would not accept them. By coming together to create a fair society that welcomes all species willing to be there, they were able to make advances in science, technology, knowledge and much more beyond that of humanity. When their continent became too small for the twelve tribes, they find other ways to live and expand beyond Earth. Through it all, Knights were selected to protect their secret, their people, and the future of the colonies. These knights protected people who lived longer than any homo-sapien on the surface, and the growth they were able to achieve.

There were too many possibilities not to appreciate the creative side of combining the archaeological findings and the mythological history. In the end, Knights of the Immortals was born and thrives as the newest addition to stories that touch on some of the greatest myths in history. Everything from the children of the gods in Atlantis, to the tales of mermaids, shifting animalistic people, to blood-sucking seductive men.

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Catrina Taylor is releasing her second series. Her first, Xarrok, is a space opera following the creation of the newest empire in a sector of the universe at war with itself. With Knights of the Immortals and Xarrok she remains busy writing when she isn’t playing with her children.

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I’m like to thank, Catrina for stopping by to share her most fascinating story. What is your favorite myth?

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