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Kickstarter? What?

Kickstarter is about forming a partnership between you and me.

the universe needs cyborgs, cyborg chronicles

I’ve been writing and publishing for a long time. I even kept writing after Goodreads said I was dead (lol). 

And I’ve been bucking the trends for pretty much all of my writing career. 🙄

I published my first book digitally—in 1998. No eReaders in sight. Back then, we called ourselves pioneers because it really was a digital Wild West, and not that many people wanted to read on a computer. (Yes, a lot has changed since then.)

I got a “real” contract with a “real” traditional publisher and left them because their terms sucked. I felt like I deserved better. 

(Let me put it in perspective for you. They paid me ONCE a year, and they made nine times more on my books than I did. So, yeah, they sucked. When I complained about a huge change in how we were being pitifully paid, they told me if I wanted to make money, I shouldn’t be publishing with them. And they were quite right. So I’m not anymore.)

I got an agent—a good agent, but to sell a book to a major publisher, I had to add sex scenes to my books. So, no more agent and no major publisher—which turned out to be a good thing.

I’ve been with four or five, or maybe even six, small presses. I forget. Some were great; some were okay, and some were meh. In the end, I decided to self-publish. 

I have NO regrets about that choice. It has allowed me to write the books I want to write, leave out the steamy stuff, and amp up the action as much as I want.

I love writing books. I love being in charge of my own business. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes I feel like a juggler on a high wire. But it’s so much better. I get paid once a month instead of once a year. Lol 

But I am always working on books that I hope people will want to read. 

And I expect you’re also hoping I’ll write a book you want to read. Lol

So when I started to learn more about Kickstarter, I realized it was an opportunity for me to connect directly with you, my readers—those of you who have been with me so far—and those who haven’t met me or read my books yet, in a new and exciting way.

Kickstarter ISN’T GoFundMe. It’s not me asking you to pay my bills so I can kick back and eat chocolates (though for me, it would be donuts. Lol). 

Kickstarter is about forming a partnership between you and me. It’s about taking out the middle store and you and I working together.

Instead of investing in my books on the back end (at Amazon, etc.), your investment is on the front end. It’s you telling me, “yes, I want to read those books.”

I get some peace of mind knowing I’m writing for readers who are already on board to read my books. 

And you aren’t wondering what the heck I’m doing and when my next book will be available. 

And there is more for you in this!

You get 1) early access to deluxe editions;  2) and one-of-a-kind digital (but printable) swag that has been created just for this event; 3) the series will plump up your eReader without crowding your shelves; 4) you get to “vote” with your backing on what I’m writing next; 5) and you’ll get the first three books (and the last two books before they appear in stores!) as soon as my Kickstarter officially ends.

It’s a win for you and for me.

This new series will eventually be available in bookstores, but these collectible editions–and the collectible, digital swag–won’t be.

Why? Because you ought to get cool things for being my partner and backer in this publishing adventure. 

I’m so sad that most people will miss out on this special project! That’s the thing about Kickstarter: when it is over, it is over!

So you get to choose! Do you wait for six months (or longer), or do you try this new adventure with me and get some cool and exclusive digital swag?

Perilously yours,


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