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It’s COLD, Baby! #perceptionISeverything

frozen buffalo art

Snow on a Buffalo
Artwork by the Cody High School Art Club sits in Courthouse square in downtown Cody, Wyoming Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I grew up in northern Wyoming, which means I grew up familiar with cold winters. In fact, in my memory, all winters were filled with sledding, skating, snowball making and throwing, and anything else our agile young minds could think up. Yes, we made snowmen, but snow forts presented so many more opportunities—at least for my brothers.

I’ve always thrown like a girl. Haha

So, then I grew up and we moved to the South. I think this might have been the moment I realized that a very small swathe of the Earth actually has what is portrayed as the traditional winter. I even went the school and didn’t clue that one out. Haha

So, thirty-plus years later, I’m back in northern Wyoming. Much has changed. Much hasn’t.

What’s changed? Apparently they name winter storms now, which is kind of ridiculous, IMHO. As I write this blog, Jupiter is hammering the mid-west. In other words, winter is still happening. Because it’s January, but whatever.

I suppose I could go through the layers of drifts in my yard and figure out which NAME storm put that one down, but when you’re buried in snow? Yeah, you just know winter is upon us.

For me, because I think WAY too much, what has been interesting about having a “real” winter is how my perception of cold has changed as this winter has progressed.

So, in October (which was beautiful, btw), it was, let’s say it was in the 60’s. Even though the temps went up and down, because, you know, temps do that.

November arrives. Temps stay pretty mild. Maybe drop into 50’s, possibly a few dips into 40’s.

Then Winter Happens (much like Life Happens).

Temps start dropping and dropping.

Snow starts falling.

Temps keep dropping.

So we have a combo of snow and below Zero temperatures.

That’s right. It didn’t just inch below zero. We posted in the twenty below zero and colder. It was so cold, they closed Wyoming. Okay, our part of it.

That’s serious cold. I know, I’ve been in colder than that, but keep in mind, we’re coming from 40’s and 50’s, so it FEELS really cold. And it is actually dangerously cold, particularly when combined with wind. Yes, the wind was blowing all the snow around. (Mother Nature does some interesting sculpting.)

Because that’s what winter does, with or without a name.

Anyway, so that happened, but then this (to me) hilarious thing happened.

It started to warm up. Now keep in mind, that when it was going down, I was “holy crapping” all over the place. But now, those single digits felt GOOD. They actually felt warm. I said, “It is warming up.” Out loud.

Perception, see?

At one point it warmed up into the 40’s again and I debated wearing a coat. Because it felt warm.

I feel like I’ve come full circle, only without the snowballs and sledding. I’m back and I’m remembering.

Would still like to give skating a go, even though it would be a very bad idea. I used to be pretty good at going fast (because my brothers were throwing snowballs at me, but that’s another blog post on motivation.)

Have you had your perceptions changed this season? Or any time. What’s the weather like where you are?

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Perilously yours,


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