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It’s a Really Big Number

In a couple of days, the hubs and I will celebrate 48 years of being married to each other.

Really big number Pauline Baird Jones

In a couple of days, the hubs and I will celebrate 48 years of being married to each other. We like to joke that we helped to raise each other. As I look back at how young I was, I’m amazed that I had the good sense to marry the guy, and then to stay married to him. 

I was in Cowtown Candy recently, refreshing my fudge supply and the owner told me how lovely the hubs is. She has had occasion to get to know him because he was in charge of my fudge supply while I was recovering from my recent surgery. 

In addition to being a lovely person, he has always been supportive of my writing. When I used to do public events, he was my personal papparazi. And he’d brag about my books to people. 

He’s always been kind and loving to me and to our children. He’s not perfect, of course. But he is certainly one of the reasons I’m a romantic. Our life together expanded my horizons in unexpected ways—ways that helped me be a better person and a better writer. 

I won’t lie, 48 is a big number and it is kind of a shock to realize we’ve been married that long and that we’ve lived this long. 😂

I am happy about that, of course. 😂 

And today I’m feeling grateful for this amazing (and very humble) man who has been willing to share his life with me. Oh, didn’t I mention that I’m not perfect either? 😇😂

Sometimes it is just a good idea to stop and reflect and be grateful for the ups, the downs, the sometimes crazy of being married. And mostly, being grateful for a wonderful companion to take this lifetime adventure with. 

Here’s hoping you’re having a good day with your favorite companion, too!

Perilously yours,


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