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Is It Weird To Worry About This?

day of dead guy

Dia De Los Muertos Festival at MECA in Houston Tx
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So they delivered a new phone book today. It’s smaller than the two, HUGE ones we used to get when we first moved to Houston. But it’s still paper. And it’s still sitting by the front door while I try to figure out what to do with it.

On the one hand, we have used a paper phone book a couple of times in the last twelve years. Once when a neighbor borrowed it. And um, nope. Can’t think of another time. (Hubs says he flattened leaves in one once.) I can’t say I loved browsing through the phone book back when it was the only option. You spent too long with it and your finger tips turned black from the ink. And searching was labor intensive unless you knew exactly what search term you needed. Let’s face it. Categories back in the old days were pretty basic. Forget searching for “I have a leak that could be my roof or my refrigerator or my a/c.” (It was my refrigerator, btw.)

So I’m walking down to the mailbox to mail something (still occasionally use snail mail) and mulling what to do with the phone book. Storage isn’t quite as hard now that the phone book is smaller, but after our recent adventures in decluttering, I’m not anxious to re-clutter with something that hasn’t earned its keep for a very long time.

So why didn’t I just toss it?

What if we suffer a massive EMP pulse that wipes out Google?

I reach the mailbox and realize that if we suffer a massive EMP pulse that wipes out Goggle, I probably won’t be able to call anyone anyway. We do still have a land line. Does anyone know if they’d go down in an EM pulse?

And is it weird that I’m wondering about this stuff while stuffing a letter in the mailbox and raising the flag, then walking back to house? (Beautiful day out there, btw. Sunshine. Perfect temps. I’d go take a walk, but now I’m worried about a massive EMP pulse.)

Is it weird I’m worrying about this AT ALL? Cuz now I’m worrying that I’m weird in what I’m worrying about. Which is like being caught in a causality loop. At least, I think so. I’ve never actually been caught in one. Should I worry about that? What if I am and I don’t know it?

Do you ever find yourself worrying about weird stuff? And if you do, how do you stop yourself? I will admit this blog post is helping some, kind of like replacing one mind worm song for another. Only different. And what should I do with that phone book? Keep or toss?

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