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When You’re Inviting the Muse…

Pauline Baird Jones, writer, author, romantic suspense author

A musician’s prayer. 2008 Texan Market Days at The George Ranch Historical Park near Rosenburg Texas. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

If you follow my Wednesday Scenic Route, then you know it usually takes me through the hubs Flickr page. I love his photos so much, my graphic designer used one of them in the cover art for Relatively Risky. He suggested this photo when I asked him for an idea for today and I fell for it right off.

As a writer, I’ve been known to pray for inspiration when I’m stuck, or just so that the story will go the direction it needs to go. My goal is always to tell a great story (and I’m always thrilled when readers think I did!).

Creatives look for different ways to summon the Muse so that things flow. I know some writers are superstitious and always wear the same shirt or have a routine that gets the flow going. I might have a routine, too, one that involves chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper. (grin)

Any creative endeavor can get stuck, I’ve found. What do you do to get unstuck? Or don’t you ever get stuck? Comments are entered into my drawing for (this month only) a $20 AnaBanana Gift card of awesome (and very creative). Next month I’ll return to my regular drawing for the $10 card. 🙂

Perilously yours,


Pauline Baird Jones, author, writer, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor, action adventure

New Orleans. A girl. A guy. Bullets and bad guys. A normal day in the Big UNeasy. Well, what passes for normal…

When Pauline isn’t trying to lure the Muse in, she’s wrestling with the Muse to get the story right. Which means a lot of wrong and hosing for her characters. No surprise they tend to fight her, too. She battled her way through her recent release, Relatively Risky, which released the end of March. It’s available at Amazon, iTunes, B&N and more and will release in print in June.

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