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In A Tough Spot?

I could whine so hard....

alien stuck in rock

Alien Sighting
An alien crawls out of a crack in “Autograph Hoodoo” along Alkali Road in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. A toy some one left in the hoodoo where so many have defaced it by carving names etc. Maybe the alien will protect the rock from would be vandals. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Sometimes the hubs takes a shot that says SO much. It’s as if he and the universe worked together on my behalf. Lol

So, I’ve whined about August before, so I won’t go there today — even though I COULD WHINE SO HARD.

But it’s the sixth. I’ll save it up for later because August is just getting started. 

But—this is how I feel. Lol

And this photo gives me a chance to mention the Distant Worlds Giveaway because it goes until the 21st! Which means that while August is pounding on me, you can keep entering and possibly win something cool!

giveaway graphic

Click on the graphic to enter!

Love science fiction, fantasy, and romantic F/SF? How would you like to win an ebook prize pack where YOU choose the books YOU want to win and read from Amazon? Enter and you could take home one of four ebook prize packs, a Kindle Fire 7, or Amazon gift card.

And while you’re there, check out our Distant Worlds Book Fair for best-selling and highly-reviewed ebooks on sale, FREE exclusive downloads, and a $15 Amazon bonus giveaway!

Enter here! 

So, here is hoping that you are enjoying August (because someone should!) and I hope you win something fun in the giveaway!

Perilously yours,


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