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I Love Food!

I know, that's a shock if you follow me on social media. lol

Nov 22-Food-Pauline Baird Jones

It is Thanksgiving in the US this week. I gave a lot of thanks in my blog post on the first, so I thought I’d use this Monday to talk food. 

Because I love food. 

I joke that the only thing that truly haunts me is the food that got away—the food that is gone forever from my life. 

Does that sound sad? Because it is very sad. 

For instance, there was this pastry shop we found our very first day in New Orleans. Oh. My. Word. Best pastries I’ve ever had. We couldn’t afford to go down there very often, so it remained a special excursion for our kids and guests.

And then tragedy struck.

The two brothers that owned it SOLD IT.

Just the shop, not their receipes. 

It was not the same. 

Those pastires haunt my dreams to this day. 

Okay, enough wingeing. 

My favorite Thanksgiving feast includes:

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Turkey (should probably have led with this, but I do like dessert!)


Potatos and gravy

Cranberry sauce. 

Fruit salad

Hot rolls. 

Yes, there is a preponderance of starches. What of it?

I also LOVE lemon meringue pie. Not necessarily for Thanksgiving. I just love it. I love almost any lemon treat. But pie…favortie!

Let’s see, cinnamon rolls and this chocolate sheet cake that my mom used to back and now my sister bakes. 

The mini donuts from the Powell fair. 

Well, I could go on for hours. It’s probably clear that my favorite thing is treats, but I also love chips and salsa. One needs the salt to balance out the sweet, after all.

Do you even just sit and ponder the foods you’ve loved? The foods you’ve lost?

I might be embarrassed if you haven’t, but…no, not embarrassed. Lol

Perilously yours,


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