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I Be Blogging and a Partying :-)

Okay, if you know me at ALL, you’ve noticed I’m giddy about my new release, Steamrolled. Maybe even a little past giddy? So it won’t be a surprise to find that I’m also having a release party. To join the fun and get a chance at an Amazon gift card, click HERE.

I’ve also been guest blogging here and there. Both posts have giveaways, though the one at The Galaxy Express ends tomorrow, so if you want a chance at winning a Poken (hottest new thing in social networking!), hop over and leave a comment while you can still win! I’m not sure how long Lisa will host the drawing at her book site, but hope you’ll check it out. I talk about books and not just mine!

I have some other guest post coming up, which I will be sure to squee about because of that whole giddy-about-the-book-release thing I’ve got going on. 🙂

I’m also in the happy zone because taxes are OVER (well, as over as they can ever get). I have survived another April! I also turned in Steam Time, my short story for the L&L Steampunk anthology. It was definitely a pull-it-out-of-my-tush-hail-mary-moment for me and I’m still a bit surprised I managed it.  So look for this digital-only release to happen soon!

Haven’t managed the reading I’d hoped to do after turning the book in, but did have to stop everything and read the new Lost Fleet book. I liked it a lot, but (you knew there’d be one) you can tell its written by a guy, because the romance gets kind of shoved to the back burner. And the cliff hanger ending…sigh. I was lucky that when I “discovered” the original books, most of them had been written. I have such a hard time waiting!

Haven’t seen any movies (except the dvd releases!). I swear, I hardly leave the house! But I am leaving to go to the Steampunk convention in San Antonio, so if you’re going to be there, look for me! Should be lots of fun! And then I’ll scamper back to the hermit zone, because that’s what I do. LOL!

Hope you take the time to pop over to the blogs and leave a comment, cause there are giveaways on the line and someone should get them! And hope you have good books and good food and good weather (oh my heavens, PLEASE let the weather improve!)
perilously yours,

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