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I Am A Reader, Too.

Reading is both personal and intimate experience.

reading magic

I like to talk books on Wednesday here on the blog. Sometimes I have guests, sometimes I blather on about this and that. Okay, mostly I blather on about this and that on all my blog days. Lol 

I’ve seen a lot of memes on Facebook recently about what reading means or can mean and it got me thinking about my own reading. The last couple of years I haven’t done as much reading as I used to do. In fact, when I had reading moments, I tended to browse through my reader and pick a book I’d already read.

I know, crazy, but I actually had a good reason.

Once I start a book, I reach a point where I have to keep reading. When I was younger, burning the past midnight oil was not as much of a problem as it is now that I am as old as Godzilla. 

And if I had large chunks of time, I mostly spend them writing my own books. I still manage to read, don’t get me wrong, but I used to easily read a book every day or every other day. (An example: I read the last Harry Potter in one day. It was a nine-hour marathon and my arms were killing me from holding that huge thing, but I did it. All of those nine hours I cursed the fact it was not available in digital format — it is now, but it wasn’t back then.) 

But I recently realized that I’d let something else eat into my reading time: games on my iPad. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame. A little over a week ago, I embarked on a self-imposed embargo of those games and wow, I read a bunch of books and continued working on my latest book. Go me! haha

This has made me ponder, not just how I spend my time, but what reading provides to me beyond an entertaining story. 

I am remembering that even the lightest story expands my world in new and interesting ways. 

And that that reading others’ words adds to — not detracts from — the world well that I draw on for my stories. I do NOT copy others stories, but words fill my brain in much the same way food fills my stomach (I could extend this metaphor further but I won’t. Lol). 

I remembered the sheer delight I feel when I meet new people and have adventures, or just follow the characters through their challenges to their happy ending. I wish I had the words to further describe that delight. The closest I can come is when the Grinches heart swells ten times (or was it 100?) after he hears the Whovillians singing. 

While I was doing my Grandma Project, one of the fun things (of many) that happened was the release of a new Princess in Black book. I was excited as the grandkids about that. 

And it was lovely to come home to the release of Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 3. I know I’m hugely prejudiced here, but I love each of the stories (yes, I love my story, it would be weird if I didn’t). 

I can’t review it anywhere, but I thought I would share a bit about the stories here on my space. 🙂

Heart of the Cat not only has lots of heart, but the title is also totally symbolic of the story about hearts — warm and cold —loss and courage and yes, love. 

Desert Hunter in addition to the action and romance, resonated for me because it was also a story about how people build families in unconventional ways. 

Quashi: Mandrake Company Series made me smile and laugh at the nod to tribbles from Star Trek, but I also liked how everyone worked from their own strengths to save the day.

Star Cruise: Mystery Dancer tapped into the Anastasia mystery in a cool way. I loved the lost princess and her very intriguing cat, but I also loved the important reminder that we don’t have to remain captive to our pasts.

(I will skip over commenting on Operation Ark: A Project Enterprise Series Story. Lol)

Cats of War: A Central Galactic Concordance Novella had some truly cool cats. And the cats were still cats. (If you’ve been owned by a cat, then you know what I mean. Lol) And this romance is a reminder that love can bridge surprising gaps between people. 

Hunter of the Tide: The Kraken #3 is a story of dealing with change and overcoming prejudices. We all have things in our life that we can’t change and fiction is a great way to help us process those feelings and realize our personal power to change. 

Starway is a story about trust, about how it is built, and how it can be destroyed. For me, it also resonated as a reminder to that we need to see people as they are, not how we think they are—for our sakes and theirs. 

The Bajo Cats of Anteros XII probably had the cutest—and was also in the running for most dangerous—kittens in the collection. Lol As someone who has made eye contact with kittens—also dangerous—I got a kick out of the story. But I also loved its “second chances” theme. It reminds me that people can change and this is important for us to “see” that change, too. 

Shadow of the Past was a fictional reminder not to make assumptions about people based on what others have done. It’s a story of letting go and finding happiness. 

After the Fall reminded me that life can deliver its punches, but it’s only a knockdown if you don’t get up again. 

I love that all of the stories were entertaining, but also made me think.

Don’t you think it is interesting that people can read the same stories and get something entirely different from the experience?

“Where ever I take my eyes, they always see things from my point of view.” 

LOL But it also means that reading a novel or short fiction is a truly personal experience, often incredibly intimate based on your own life’s experience. There are books that, when reminded, I can still feel that jolt or the delight all over again. It is what leads me to track down books that delighted me in the past and yes, it is why I sometimes reread parts of them. 

To remember how I felt. 

To remember what I learned. 

Have you read a book lately that filled you with delight? If you have, please share!

Perilously yours,


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