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Got a Versatile Blogger Award and Paying It Forward

I was so thrilled to be picked out for this award by two wonderful bloggers, Sabrina Garie. Meet Sabrina:

Characters and worlds burst into my head demanding life. So I write, because life should be lived. Fueled by coffee. Love my kid. Wine helps.

How fun is that? And she managed to survive the A to Z Challenge, which I didn’t even attempt! I’d urge you to click over and get to know this talented lady and not just because she honored me. 🙂

And I was also nominated by Missy Frye. Meet Missy:  

Missy Frye began her writing career with a movie review column titled Cinematic Discoveries, which focused on independent and lesser known films. Now she writes fiction. 

She’s done some recent blogs on goal setting and how to inject personality into your blog posts. She also does Six Sentence Sunday, which I have also wimped out on trying. 

As part of receiving this award, you are asked to share seven things about yourself and pass the award along to 15 bloggers that you read and admire. 

So, without further fanfare, here are seven things about me: 

1. I’m a wife of 37 years and mother of, well, four or five, depending on how you count them and whether you count the legal kids or the ones we just keep because we love them.

2. I’m a hermit. It’s not that I dislike people, but I’m an introvert, I’m basically shy, and a writer, so I tend to keep my head down and only pop out when I have to (or when lured from hiding by family or friends). Though I’m not quite ready for a tiny house. Not sure there is enough plumbing there to satisfy me.

3. Yeah, I like plumbing, though it has to be working. My dream, hermit house would have a really cool shower designed by Candace Olsen of HGTV. My characters in my books like plumbing, too, at least the smart ones. 

4. I like chocolate, donuts and Diet Dr. Pepper. And bacon. Need something salty to cut the sweet. 

5. I’m short and I can’t seem to let it go. 

6. Almost the only time I got in trouble in school was for trying to read novels behind my textbooks. I love, love, love books. And I love writing my novels. 

7. I may be old, but I LOVE technology. I’ve built or rebuilt several desktop computers and I know just enough to be dangerous to my technology. I adopted digital reading in 1998 when I was one of very small band of digital readers/authors. I was one of those pioneers with an arrow in my back. 

Whew! I do not really like typing about me. If I were that interesting I most likely wouldn’t be writing novels because I’d be out doing interesting things. Okay, on to next party of the meme. 

Here are fifteen bloggers, in no particular order, who I think are worth your attention as interesting and versatile bloggers:

1. Marlene Harris of Reading Reality – This librarian saw a need to highlight reviews by often overlooked digital presses AND she likes science fiction romance. Nuff said. 

2. Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express – Adventures in Science Fiction Romance is the tagline, but there’s so much more here for the science geek.

3-6. Laurie A. Green, Donna S. Frelick, Sharon Lynn Fisher, and Pippa Jay  of The Spacefreighters Lounge  – this quartet brings to the blog an interesting mix of information and humor brings you a discussion of the “past, present and future.” 

7. Veronica Sicoe – I only recently discovered this blog by “science-fiction writer with a penchant for aliens of all shapes and sizes” who has a “deep fascination for theoretical physics and applied psychology.” What you get is thoughtful, entertaining posts and sometimes LOL artwork. 

8. Lorijo Metz, the scifiwritermom blogs here about books and things that engage her interest.  You have to click over to her website, too. It’s a total hoot. 

9. Jaleta Clegg  and The Far Edge of Normal – She describes her blog as the “ramblngs of a deranged author” and “invites readers to “come enjoy the semi-insanity. She does book reviews, author interviews, recipes (yay), and the “occasional philosophical rant.” 

10. Susan Whitfield – Susan is one of the most generous and giving authors I know. She uses her blog to interview authors and put together Killer Recipes, a cook book where all the proceeds go to charity. 

11. Garland and Gould – Funniest author interviews ever. Ever. Did I mention they are funny?

12. Natalie Hartford  and Life Out Loud blog – If you haven’t discovered Natalie, you’re missing out.  I don’t know which is better, her Twisted Tuesdays or Urban Word Wednesday. I just know I subscribe and look for her posts to arrive, because who doesn’t need more laughter in their lives? 

13. Copyblogger – I don’t know how long I’ve been following Copyblogger, but its been a while. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from this blog. 

14. Cindy Sample – Cindy is another one of those bloggers that just makes you smile as she shares her adventures in being an author. And you can see her dance in a sassy pink dress. 

15. Kristen Lamb – I probably won’t be the first, or last, person to recommend this blog to you. If you’re an author and haven’t read it? Click and read now! 

What are your favorite blogs? Who do you just have to follow? Comment and to show my thanks, anyone who comments on a blog post in the month of May will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card from AnaBanana’s Bath & Body Treats


Pauline Baird Jones aka Perilous Pauline blogs here and has a website at 

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