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Get Lost in an Adventure

Found Girl Travel Poster

All images used with proper license.

Did you watch the original TV show Lost in Space? Love or hate the movie adaptation (I hated it)?

I have a love/hate relationship with “lost somewhere” movies, books, etc.

On the one hand, I love “fish out of water” stories (characters in an environment not familiar to them), but after a while I get tired of characters being lost. I get tired of the hopeful start to, say, a television show and then sigh at the end when they are returned to the status quo.

This might be a function of the fact that I LOATHE being lost in my real life. Lol

So it is VERY ironic that I wrote a “lost in space” story.

Let me rush to assure you that they are not going to wander endlessly through book after book. Okay, I don’t technically know how and when they will be found, but they will be found.

Because I don’t like being lost.

Especially if I’m hungry or need a bathroom.

Then I really hate it.

So, trying to avoid spoilers, sweetie, here is what I do know:

  1. If I don’t go toward the light (according to Goodreads, I’ve been dead since 1999), then there will be at least six more books.

  2. (Shhhh!) I have started plotting the next book and to my surprise, it is starting in the heart of the original Project Enterprise universe! I see some familiar characters and I’m really happy to “see” them again. I’m having trouble not sitting down for a chat instead of writing. Oh, I’ve been wondering how they were doing…

  3. That’s pretty much all I know right now. Sorry. If it helps any, I make myself crazy, too, working like this.

So while you’re waiting and I’m writing, check out Found Girl: Project Enterprise 6. There is a lot of action and some flamingoes. Oh yes, I did.

Found Girl cover art

6th Project Enterprise! Click to buy!

She likes being lost… 

He needs to be found… 

Arian Teraz would be perfectly happy if she never returned to her cheerless, hopeless world. Her life changes when her ship is damaged. Rescued by a handsome alien from a distant galaxy, Arian longs to find a place with him and his people.

Hotshot USAF pilot, Captain Jackson “Coop” Cooper knew the risks of boldly going somewhere before he signed up for the Project Enterprise expedition. When an anomaly sends his ship into a mysterious, no-exit sanctuary about to be invaded by a deadly adversary, he is forced to trust the unusual woman who might be his only ticket out.

With an invasion threatening the sanctuary and enemies emerging from Arian’s past, Arian and Coop must combine forces to seize an uncertain future together. Can they save each other as they battle the forces trying to rip them apart, or will the secret Arian’s ship carries – along with those seeking to exploit her – separate them forever?

Grab your copy of Found Girl today and dive into the sixth installment in the award-winning Project Enterprise series – your transport to action, adventure, and romance in space.

So who are you most excited to see show up in my as yet unnamed Project Enterprise 7? I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive a $25 gift card from my Zazzle store. The recipient is announced in the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously yours,


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